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and serving up sass on bravo's hit reality show "the real housewives of atlanta." >> but nene leakes has been pulling double duty lately. she's got that role on "the new normal" where she plays rocky, a fierce assistant who's not too different from the real nene, as we've noticed. hey. how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> you're a busy bee, i have to say. >> i am. >> you got your fame from "the real housewives of atlanta." and you quickly took it and ran with it. and not everyone can do that, can they? >> not everyone can do that. that's very true. i've been very lucky. i've been very blessed. i think when you get an opportunity or platform such as the "real housewives of atlanta" you have to use it to your advantage. and i was able to do that, and now i'm on a primetime television show. >> yes, you are. >> are you loving that? >> i do. i love ryan murphy. he's fantastic. he is the creator of "glee," "american horror story." and now "the new normal." i love it. quite different than reality. it's a whole hour. lots of hours. >> you earn the money. >> yes, you do. >> in "the new normal
occasionally. no accumulation expected. still 60 in atlanta. here comes that cold wedge of air getting a lot colder by the end of the week. 38 in chicago, 26 in minneapolis today. and above this cold front that's where some of your colder air is going to be behind the front, i should say. and then another system, another burst of energy that comes through the southeast brings a chance of snow actually into places like atlanta by thursday. something to keep an eye on. lighter snow possible into tennessee and even back through mississippi and alabama. so we'll be watching that one closely here at the weather channel. 42 degrees by thursday in atlanta, nearly 20 degrees colder. 28 in chicago. only 17 in minneapolis. we're still pretty mild as the air builds back in across the southern plains. 55 in dallas, 60 in houston. how about 73 in los angeles. another clipper system moves through on friday. we're quieting down across much of the east but that will bring light scattered snow across the great lakes and into the upper midwest here. that will be the trend on saturday also. looking dry for the
york city later today, warming up significantly across the south for near 70 degrees in atlanta, 36 however in denver and only 13 in billings. so here's the winter weather and more spring-like weather for the eastern states. and it stays mild here all weekend long. on saturday next storm swings through with a chance of showers across the mississippi valley. snow for the high plains. notice where the coldest air is where you see the shades of pink on the map. 19 in minneapolis on saturday. and look at these numbers across the east for saturday and sunday. we stay mild ahead of this cold front. so we've got 71 in atlanta, 74 in new orleans. but cooling off in louisville, chicago, all the way down to 30. big day in atlanta as the falcons take on the seahawks. of course a lot of people tailgating for that. on monday more rain expected here across the east. and we'll see some of the showers move into the northeast and temperatures slowly starting to come down by early next week. and we're getting a lot quieter across the west. so not tracking any winter storms in that direction. remember
freezing here right on into early next week. 52 in atlanta, 64 in denver, mild air across front range. westerly wind coming in. 59 in albuquerque, still warm in southern california and across arizona. that's the place to go to beat the cold air this time of year. rain will start to make its way into the southern part of california by thursday. that's going to cool things off just a bit. and we'll see the cold air make its way all the way into the mid south. so on thursday we're only at freezing in louisville 52 in atlanta but 70s down here the farther south you get. as far as the snow goes, friday may see some snow around louisville. even in the chicago area thursday night into friday. eventually moving into the northeast by saturday morning. atlanta looking chilly with rain in the forecast by friday and clearing out on saturday. more lake effects here and another big storm starts to organize in the west. you can get the very latest on the storms and your daily forecast week day mornings wake up with al at 5:30. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a co
see the cold coming in. it's 48 in atlanta today. so cooler than it has been. it's going to get even colder and wetter across many states here. anything in pink on the map is an icy mix, especially across tennessee, the up state of south carolina, north carolina, northern atlanta into thursday night and friday morning. we do have a chance of some freezing rain. we have snow around the great lakes. snow possible later friday in the northeast. look at the temperatures. it's cold enough for that. no doubt about it. and on saturday we start to clear the system moves offshore. lake effects snow. no surprise there. rain showers for arizona and new mexico. 56 in denver. not too bad. more snow coming into the west with the next storm. rain across the plains on sunday. an icy mix on the northern side. this system pulls into the great lakes here by monday. and we'll be watching for more winter weather there. and again on tuesday. it's getting busy. keep it right here on the weather channel. you can wake up with al weekday mornings for your latest forecast. i played a round of in the la
into mississippi, alabama, even north georgia. that may bring snow to the atlanta area. it will be later in the evening if we get any snow. we expect most of the accumulation on the north side of the state. but the heaviest amounts where we could see 6 to 12 inches will be across the appalachians. parts of eastern tennessee and into western north carolina. get ready for a very snowy day. and some snow may make it into d.c., the baltimore area. at this point we're look at mostly rain mixing in with a few flakes. i don't think it will be too big for your travel impacts later in the afternoon. 39 in d.c. so we're pretty much staying above freezing throughout the day. 48 in atlanta. the temperatures get a lot colder as we head into the evening. some very cold air moving into the upper midwest and the northern plains here. be prepared for that. temperatures will stay below average for several days as the clipper system moves through on friday that will bring some snow to the western lakes. we're looking at clearing for the southeast with temperatures coming back into the 50s. big warm up for
in atlanta. more like something you would see in spring. snow showers on the back end of this system on the western lakes. that's on wednesday. we'll have a se voer threat continuing through the southeast wednesday and includes the atlanta area. cold air starts to filter into the high plains, tuesday and wednesday gets much, much colder for you. we hold on to some of the mild air here into the southeast and across the east coast. and by thursday, scattered snow showers for the interior northeast. colder air over the ohio valley and the northeast. meanwhile, it's quieter in the west. punxsutawney feel, 28 degrees roughly there around the philly area. wick up with al 5:30 a.m. weekday mornings on the weather channel. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish
chills make it feel even cooler. 50 degrees in atlanta on thursday. very quiet across the country on friday. a few showers possible throughout parts of south texas, new england. might see a few snowshowers. then another system taking shape on saturday. but still not really looking for much precipitation with it. mainly just going to see more of that cold air in play. so we are in wintertime now in a big way. at least it's going to feel like it for the northern tier of the country. at least most of the northern tier of the country. getting the northern plains. then on sunday still some showers coming off of the great lakes. so we could see a little bit of snow, parts of pennsylvania, ohio, and new york. temperatures staying cool all the way down. just about to the gulf coast. right along the gulf coast we'll see readings into the 60s. on monday a chance for showers with another system moving into the pacific northwest. but quiet throughout the country. midsection into the northeast and much of the east coast. remember on the weather channel week days starting at 5:30 a.m. eastern y
. and where are you guys from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: from atlanta. sorry about the falcons but welcome to d.c. >> it's all good. thank you. >> reporter: first inauguration? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what are you first looking forward to? >> being here for history. >> reporter: thank you so much for being here. from florida. good to have you. lots of excited folks here on the national mall, savannah guthrie, we'll send it back to you and matt. >> they're packed in real tight, keeping warm. craig melvin, thank you very much. >>> let's listen in now behind us. the choir from staten island is performing for the crowd. this is a group that has performed with a lot of talented people. they have sung with the likes of carrie underwood. a huge moment for them. didn't they also perform for the academy awards one year? they actually closed the awards one year. >> quite an accomplished chorus. hard year for the people of staten island. what an honor to be there at this moment in our history. let's take a turn and talk to mr. roker. you are an important man today with the weather forec
wide receiver michael crabtree. the 25-year-old is now in atlanta preparing for tomorrow's big game against the falcons but closer to home, san francisco police say they interviewed michael crabtree along with his attorney about the alleged attack at a hotel early sunday morning. it happened just a few hours after the teen's win over the green bay packers at candlestick park last weekend. crabtree played a huge role in the win with nine catches for nearly 120 yards and two touchdowns. 49er fans we talked with were surprised to hear about the investigation but say they want more information. >> i don't know. i'm hoping it's not true. we need him out there this sunday, so i'm hoping it all works out for him. >> his on field performance is great, don't know anything about the guy off the field. >> reporter: does it matter? are you -- >> well, yeah, if he's guilty, it kind of matters. >> reporter: guilty or not? >> i don't know, innocent until proven guilty. >> i don't know. i haven't heard enough information, so, i don't know. i can't say. >> the 49ers released a statement that says in
and atlanta falcons? . >> the cowboys. >> yeah! no, she's right. she's right. it is pittsburgh steelers and dallas cowboys, isn't it? >> the name of the team she's heard of. >> pittsburgh's won the most, six, and dallas has won the next most, well, they won five. just go to the next one. >> another lady from pennsylvania. how much are super bowl commercials being sold for this year? $500,000, $1.5 million, $3 million, $4 million? >> we'll go for the big bucks. $4 million. >> you are smart as pretty. yes, you are. >> $4 million, is that for a 30-second ad? >> most people are talking at a party and don't get to hear the commercial anyway. >> they are showing them all before the game. >> is that smart? >> i don't know, i like to be surprised. >> len he we love you. we love you. thanks for coming on. kathie is going to come back across the street. life is still a cabaret. 40 years later, we're going to talk to the famous, liza minnelli, legendary cast of music musical right after this. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta
in pittsburgh, 10 in hartford. and that jetstream way down to the south. it's cold as far south as atlanta and parts of cincinnati. we won't see any relief until monday, when the jetstream finally moves up to the north and temperatures warm up into the low to mid 30s. that's what's >> good morning. we have a nice coating of snow. everything should be tapering off this morning. mostly sunny this afternoon. that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. we should point out jason kennedy's fan club has grown to eight. >> my fans grow. >> over there. >> and the bad sportsmanship has paid off, apparently. all right, jason, we'll see you. still ahead, we have a lot lined up for you at this hour. therapists and beauty at any age and the as seen on tv exercise products. does the shake weight really work? there she goes again. shine stn: a lipstain and so much more l'oreal's innovative formula delivers lasting color like a lipstain with 30% water it's the wet look for my lips. beautifully lasting, shiny, lightweight it's all my lips could want in 12 fresh shades l'oreal's new caresse wet shine st
at the piedmont heart institute in atlanta. he says this is evidence that heart problems could be linked to isolated snoring. long before someone is diagflows wednesday sleep apnea -- diagnosed with sleep apnea. >> previously snoring was an aesthetic problem. something that could bother bed partners, an announrknnoyancann. this shows it could cause blocked arteries. >> reporter: the study has drawbacks. among them, authors admit that participation rate was somewhat low. it's partly why they say more testing is needed. still, jim kelly isn't taking any chances. with an 18-month-old son to take care of, kelly recently had sinus surgery. >> it's cut down on the vibrations that was causing a lot of the noise that was coming from the snoring. >> reporter: though he'll likely need more surgeries, he says the recovery time is worth it to get rid of a snore he can no longer ignore. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >> how would you like to be photographed -- >> sleeping like that. i know. >> no. >> i had a producer who proposed that as part of a larger story. he said, we have to ca
, okay, ahead of this front. and the south of it. 55 in louisville, 60 degrees in atlanta. that warmth will continue. our jet stream is moving way up into canada. so rain spreading east. for the most part it's a rain event for just about everybody. on the back side of this, now we're getting the blizzard conditions at least near blizzard conditions. travel will be horrendous up in this area. please be careful on friday across the northern plains. temperatures, though, almost spring, even summertime temperatures in some areas. in the 60s over in the ohio valley, near 70 degrees. saturday the cold front moves east. not a lot of precipitation, maybe right along the front we're looking into sunday as well. showers and thunderstorms all the way to the gulf coast. meanwhile very cold conditions starting to take shape here across this part of the country. there's monday's forecast. still looking at the west coast dealing with some dry weather. all right. wake up with al monday through friday starting at 5:30. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to rest
dealing with some cold air with that arctic front. the 50s back into atlanta. new york city at 32 degrees. the west coast. this front coming in with not much rain at all and not much snow with it at all. friday's forecast, look how quiet it's going to be across the country. hardly any precipitation. maybe in the southwestern parts of texas as the upper-level low begins to move through. we'll see some snowfall there. but otherwise, this is when the warming trend's going to begin for some of us. temperatures get back above freezing in chicago. the next front does come in. but this will be the last one for a little while. bringing in really cold arctic air. across the south some rain continues into saturday. good weekend to take down the holiday decorations. i promise. for most of you it's going to be a good weekend for it. minneapolis up to 21 degrees here on sunday. chicago right at freezing. the next front coming in but skirting across the northern states with this one. it's not going to make its way to the south. check out these temperatures in the 50s and 60s for many areas. the northea
between the seattle seahawks and atlanta falcons. >>> your coverage of the niners big win continues in just about a half hour right here on "today in the bay." we'll tell you how local school children are benefiting from that win over the packers. and we'll look to see how the game led to some delays on b.a.r.t. this morning. that, and all the day's news coming up at 7:00. ♪ >>> welcome back on this sunday morning. january 13th, 2013. our thanks to the folks who joined us out here on a mild winter day on the plaza. for all of you at home, nice to have you outside in the plaza. lester holt alongside erica hill, jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. still to come, snake hunting. they make movies about these guys. they have become a serious problem in florida. the state has taken some pretty dramatic steps to combat them. it is giving away big prizes for catching big snakes and hundreds of people are trying to win them. >> did you see what that just did? it tried to eat the camera. >> god bless those people that do that. here are four people that would never. >> we would be running, screamin
a warm day in atlanta. and we're going to see a little bit cooler air throughout much of the west. that's what we're going to see through the weekend. it's going to be a very warm still in the southeast. start to see things moderate at least get a little bit closer to what you might expect this time of year. get temperatures back into the 40s for dallas. remember, weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al and stephanie. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! it's time for today's tech, and the new
cooling off behind that front, only into the 40s. 41 in chicago. 50 in atlanta. we have a big warm-up to these areas coming with each day. in fact, by the end of the week, temperatures will be way above average. that's why it's going to be all rain. this rain will stretch all the way into the great lakes. later in the week it's not going to change to snow. there's not going to be any cold air in place. even on wednesday we're up to 47 in chicago. and along this warm front, a chance of showers and thunderstorms, 65 in louisville. this is going to be our big weather maker with pockets of heavy rain, but much needed rain for a lot of these areas. meanwhile, coming out of the northwest, our next storm will bring snow to the inner mountain west and all the way down into places like salt lake city, colorado's high country and up into billings, montana. our storm by friday starts to move into the east and we'll still have rain with it. look how high the rain goes. not typical for january. 57 in chicago. so the jet stream is way up to the north bringing all that mild air up. and that's goi
by the end of the weekend. 43 in chicago today. not too bad. in fact getting up to 54 in atlanta with sunshine. not a terrible friday. could be a lot worse. temperatures are coming back closer to average now. we'll have really warm weather in the southwest. about 75 for you in phoenix, 72 in los angeles. chicago enjoy those temps in the 40s because eventually this cold air makes it in your direction. we're going to have the twin cities colder first. in fact, snow will be falling on saturday across parts of northern minnesota, northern wisconsin, and north dakota. 32 in minneapolis on saturday. we're going to struggle to get above zero by early next week. that cold arctic air starts to make its way in look at our temperatures now, how much they've come down. meanwhile it stays pretty quiet across the southern tier of the country. 43 in new york there on sunday. on monday the cold air is going to sink into the mid south. temperatures cooling off in louisville to 30 and minus 8 monday, one of the coldest days you've had in a long time. not even above steabove zero. 5 on tuesday in t
mrnd house that really photographs beautifully at night. it's in the northeast quadraon f atlanta, georgia. you'll see in the big room inside, wide windows that let in tons of light. i think this is a very sexy, sophisticated room. the bright kitchen has just been renovated with new light wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and stylish backsplash. leads to a private deck. this has to be the neatest bedroom i've ever seen in my life. doesn't look like what i left this morning. look at the office. look at these people, how they live. are they really living here? yes, i checked it out. this is the office, sleek and lean and perfect for two people. this house is meticulous. >> beautiful. to chitown, what we can see for $300,000 or less. >> this is a good house at 275. it's a classic -- please excuse me. i have a cold. >> that's okay. >> 1880 row house in the historic bronzeville neighborhood close to lake michigan. this same house was in brooklyn, new york, you would be paying ten times $275,000. it has 11-foot ceilings throughout. the kitchen has espres. o brown cabinets and de
in the championship game taking on the atlanta falcons. winner heading to that super bowl. niners and colin kaepernick are in santa clara right now expected to fly out to atlanta this afternoon. of course at 4:00 the sharks out of that lockout get a chance to get the season going. a shortened 48-game season. they will start off in calgary sunday afternoon. the puck drops at 4:00. if you want to do something before that, how about get outside. christina loren says it will be nice. >> it really is, jon. good morning to you. and you know we're forecasting rain next weekend. enjoy your days off with beautiful weather. 36 degrees in san jose to start. chilly. you want to dress for two very different parts of the day. high pressure is going to bring the storm track way to our north and our temperatures up into the 70s in some bay area cities right by the beach as a matter of fact. santa cruz today, hitting 70 degrees. 67 here in san jose. meanwhile, 67 for fremont. 67 in san francisco. in the weekend, even warmer. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> overall it's a friday commute pretty typical.
and show you exactly what happened. here's the system. here's adiresville along i-75 north of atlanta. it pushes through around 11:15 yesterday morning. you can see the heavy precipitation coming down. it continues through and the good news, this was a quick moving system. take a look. we had 13 confirmed tornadoes touching down. 664 thunderstorm wind gusts reports. as the day wears on, they continue to move to the east. as you can see, we have 11 more unconfirmed tornadoes that will be investigated today. ahead of this system, a lot of rain. wind gusts over 70 miles an hour. thousands are without power in the northeast. behind it, a lot of snow to talk about. we'll have that coming up in the next 10 minutes. >> thank you. >>> to the drama still unfolding this morning where a suspect is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in his underground bunker. gabe is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. in that underground bunker, police have been working more than 36 hours to free this 5-year-old boy. so far, he is unharmed. police have been able to bring his medicine and a color
and owner of the spense restaurant in atlanta is here for a pick me up the morning after zoosh you are none the worse for wear. >> i have a 4-year-old and 2-year-old. it was cider and potato chips. >> had you been out like the good old days -- >> had i been out, they say one way is to get rid of a hangover is just keep drinking. >> what do you have? >> take care of that. >> white wine works for you ladies. this is a white wine sangria, or sangria blanco. we have pears and apples. a little bit of basil. >> because you might be dehydrated. >> this is true. happy new year. snoo happy new year. >> thanks, sweet where i. >> that's one way to get rid of a hangover. you need to soak up some of that alcohol, right? >> you need some starch. is that what it is? >> starch, fried foods. people say that. we're talking about potato chips because this is also leftover from my kitchen from yesterday because that's the type of party we had. chips and dip. potato chips are fried. they have that starch to soak up the alcohol. it's brunch. we're iffing to do an omelet. we're doing a potato chip onlilet. about
atlanta hawk fan kevin went for the thousand dollar prize at half time. as you see, the ball got wedged there right between the backboard and the rim. kevin, though, did win the thousand dollars because the shot was so unbelievable, and technically the ball did make it into the basket when a hawk staffer then yanked on the net. >> go back to the beginning of that. technically, savannah just pointed out he shouldn't have gotten the money because he stepped over the line at half-court. watch closely. there, right there. i would have given it to him, savannah. >> i think we all know that i would have given it to him. just for showing up, i would have given him the thousand bucks. let's get to dylan dryer who is in for al. what a mess on the east coast this morning. >> such a mess. commuters dealing with rain, ice, sleet. we have snow across new england. it is going to be messy throughout the day and that rain is going to continue to affect the east coast into tomorrow. we also had some snow showers in the western great lakes, up into the northern plains, into the dakotas, but it's not near
out there. 55 b sunday, d.c., 67. atlanta will see a high of 71 >>> 7:35 on a foggy start to wednesday. good morning. i'm christina loren. we are going to deal with mostly cloudy conditions today. we have showers on the way tonight. we'll drop your temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday's high. you will notice the difference. 56 in san francisco with showers on the way throughout the night. if the showers move on shore during the coldest point of the day tomorrow which actually looks likely we could see snow flurries down to 1,000 feet. that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. we have some new details this morning on a sex scandal that rocked a small town in maine. a zumba dance instructor accused of prostitution and secretly taping sexual encounters with her clients. a lot of things coming to light in vanity fair. katie couture is here. katie, good morning to you. >> outlining each sex act loong with videotapes and records. such detailed records have some wondering if an extortion plot was in the works. >> why would alexis wright need cam co
housewives of atlanta." if you have a problem, go right there. >> when has nene leakes ever served us wrong? >> that's the winner. a new web series where a woman goes into a vintage store and feels and tells the story of the clothing. let's watch a clip. >> hi, i'm roxanne elizabeth essellman and i'm a vintage store psychic. interesting. this seemed to be a gift given to a woman named laura. whoever buys this bracelet, it will be unimaginable, the power. it will bring them a lot of luck. >> the question here, julia, is why? >> why didn't she buy that bracelet? >> yeah. >> this is a one-woman reality show waiting to happen. based on her name alone. this woman is such a fantastic character. and it's kind of amazing this has never been done before. she goes into a vintage store. she tells the stories of where these clothes are, when people wore them. was somebody wearing this shirt when she died? was somebody wearing these shoes when they got married? the greatest part about being a clothing psychic is that the clothes can't tell you when you're wrong. >> that's a good point. i'm not sure i wa
's adairsville along i-75 northwest of atlanta. this pushes through, and there it is right around 11:15 yesterday morning. you can see the heavy precipitation that's coming down. it then continues on through and the good news is, this was a quick-moving system. but take a look. we've had now 13 confirmed tornados touching down. 664 severe thunderstorm wind gust reports as the day wears on. continue to move to the east, and as you can see, we've got even now 11 more unconfirmed tornados that are going to be investigated today ahead of this system. a lot of rain. we've had wind gusts over 70 miles per hour. thousands are without power here in the northeast. behind it, a lot of snow to talk about. we'll have that coming up in the next ten minutes, savannah? >> thank you. >>> now to the drama in alabama this morning where a suspect is holding a 5 year old hostage in his underground bunker. gabe gutierrez is there this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. up the road behind me, police have been working more than 40 hours to free this 5 year old. so far, he's unharmed. police have b
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